Fijian Election

Politicians weaponize Bible against LGBTQI: Vulavou

December 5, 2022 4:06 pm

Isikeli Vulavou

The Pacific Sexual and Diversity Network has condemned the comments made by All People’s Party leader stating that such politicians are using the bible as a weapon against LGBTQI people.

Chief Executive Officer Isikeli Vulavou says as social media platforms fail to enforce their own standards, this enables a wave of online anti-trans, anti-LGBTQI hates to grow without restraint.

Vulavou believes these are political extremists who are wielding dangerous influence, seeking to radicalize Fijians, incite hate against LGBTQI people, and mobilize the extremists within their base ahead of the elections.

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He says many politicians, who are also the so-called religious leaders in their communities, would use the Bible as a weapon against LGBTQI+ people and adopt a pick-and-mix approach to scripture, selecting what appeals to suit their prejudices and agendas while ignoring other texts

All People’s Party leader, Tuiloma Tawaivuna has called on National Federation Party leader, Professor Biman Prasad to remove transgender candidate, Divina Loloma from contesting the 2022 General Election.

In a scathing attack in a video, which was shared on social media, Tawaivuna says it is an abomination for a person who was born as a man to identify as a woman, in reference to Loloma.

Tawaivuna says it is biblically wrong to imitate the opposite sex and says if Prasad and People’s Alliance leader, Sitiveni Rabuka continue to accept Loloma as a candidate, it will be the beginning of their downfall.

The party leader, who is also the founder of the Eleventh Hour Ministry, slammed people trying to advocate for the gay rights movement in the country, in particular for same-sex marriage, saying it is also biblically wrong.

Loloma is Fiji’s first transgender candidate.