Fijian Election

People’s Alliance highlight two main policies

November 20, 2022 8:10 am

The People’s Alliance Party yesterday highlighted two main actions that will mark the party’s strategy if they are elected.

While launching their manifesto yesterday in Namoli Village Lautoka, Leader Sitiveni Rabuka says this will include a plan for a major citizen’s conference and the other is to feature a series of specialist reviews.

Rabuka adds that their review team will identify “quick wins” in their respective areas of investigation which must be achievable without too much cost and be of immediate benefit to the public.

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“The agenda will revolve around the manifesto we introduce today. It will be debated and discussed, with the aim of gathering further ideas for improving policies and taking on new proposals. In other words, our manifesto is not fixed in concrete. It’s a work in progress. We will encourage the citizenry to come forward with their thoughts for raising up Fiji.”

According to their manifesto, for the first 100 days in office, they will present a mini-budget to implement People’s Alliance priorities through the allocation or redeployment of funds from the current financial year budget.

Part of their manifesto which they launched is to investigate certain media outlets they believe run favorable coverage towards the Government.