Fijian Election

Party proposes radical economic policies

November 30, 2022 4:20 pm

All-People's party Pastor Tuiloma Tawaivanua.

The All-People’s party advocates ideologies based on theocracy in some of its proposed policies.

Party leader Pastor Tuiloma Tawaivanua revealed earlier this month that one of these policies will require all businesses to give up a tenth of their wealth as tithe.

This is a common practice in many Christian denominations.

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Tawaivanua did not clarify who will be the beneficiary of this policy, given that it could amount to millions of dollars.

Meanwhile, the Lautoka-based party is yet to publish its manifesto, although it has been campaigning across Viti Levu.

“Our manifesto will be launched on the 7th of December one week before the election”

Some of the radical policies outlined in their manifesto include releasing prisoners serving life sentences to commemorate Fiji’s 50th anniversary of independence and having Fiji leave the United Nations to join the Commonwealth of Israel.