Fijian Election

Packing of Election Day materials begin

December 3, 2022 4:51 pm

The Fijian Elections Office has begun the packing of Election Day materials at its warehouse in Laucala Beach Estate.

Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem gave members of the media a walk-through today of the processes involved in the packing of ballot papers and other sensitive materials.

“These are ballot boxes that have been prepared to be sent to our respective offices. This packing is going to continue right up until the final box for the last venue. We have about 10 days to do this packing.”

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Saneem adds the packing of pre-poll materials concluded earlier than expected and it has been dispatched to polling venues across the country.

The SOE says counting will take place at each polling station on election night and presiding officers at the station will fill out a Protocol of Result book, which has to be witnessed by at least two people.

He says these people can be either polling staff, police officers, party agents or members of the public.

Saneem says the results listed in the Protocol of Results at each polling station is the final count and there is no recount, unless he endorses it.

Meanwhile pre-poll will be held from Monday until Friday next week at centers across the four divisions.