Fijian Election

NFP and PA struggle with low turnout

November 23, 2022 12:40 pm

Three weeks away from the General Election and the People’s Alliance and the National Federation Party seem to be struggling to attract large numbers of the public at their meetings.

This was evident last night where a major joint rally in Kinoya outside Suva attracted only around 250 people of which many were party candidates and their family members.

The leaders of both parties outlined their policies to the public but spent some time as usual criticizing FijiFirst and the media.

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However, it was a fleeting comment from Sitiveni Rabuka last night that left many in the crowd stunned and confused.

Recently Biman Prasad’s political partner Sitiveni Rabuka indicated that he intends to investigate the FBC and the Fiji Sun, but unlike Prasad he was willing to talk to FBC news about the Fiji First leader.

“It is the will of the people and not one man’s opinion. He can express his opinion but not many Fijians listen to him now. They have turned their back on him.”

Rabuka also claimed that Voreqe Bainimarama is trying to frighten everyone in the country.

But it was Rabuka’s next comment about fear that left many shocked and confused at the rally.

“Because we are united in our purpose to change this government. We know that you fear us.”

Like most political party rallies in recent weeks the NFP/PAP rally last night also saw the distribution of food packs and party merchandise to attending members of the public.