Fijian Election

Nasele villagers line-up for pre-polling

December 5, 2022 10:50 am

[Source: Fijian Election Office]

Sixty-seven-year-old Vilomena Likumoto says she has never missed an opportunity to cast her vote in an election.

She was the first person to vote at the Nasele village hall in Naitasiri this morning.

Likumoto says voting ensures that the voice of the people is heard.

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Vilomena Likumoto exiting the pre-polling venue at the Nasele village hall. 

Electoral Commission chairperson, Mukesh Nand was at Nasele village to officially launch the commencement of pre-polling at 613 venues around the country.

He urged voters to take pride and exercise their right to vote.

Some members of the Multinational Observers were also at Nasele to witness the launch of pre-polling.

120 villagers of Nasele are registered to vote in the 2022 General Election.