Fijian Election

Narube confident of 18 seats

November 23, 2022 4:55 pm

[File Photo]

The race for majority votes is on, as political parties have been going all out to try and capture voters’ attention, ahead of Election Day.

Unity Fiji Leader Savenaca Narube is just one of nine political party leaders showing confidence that their party will make the cut.

Speaking on FBC’s 4 The Record show, Narube says he wants seats near the majority.

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“How many votes do you think you can get in? Yeah, I think for 18 seats we are looking at over 200,000 votes for 18 seats.”

Narube has also not limited his party from winning more than 18 seats.

“If we want to win outright and get 28 seats, I think we need to go over 350,000.”

If no single party obtains the required majority to form government, the Unity Fiji Leader says he will form a coalition.