Fijian Election

Narube calls out bullying tactics

November 21, 2022 12:55 pm

The Unity Fiji Leader on FBC's 4 The Record show

The Unity Fiji Leader has labelled an approach by the People’s Alliance and National Federation Party as bullying tactics.

The two parties claim to be the major parties in this year’s General Election and will consider working with other parties if the need arises.

Savenaca Narube, who appeared on FBC’s 4 The Record show, says it’s too early to be making such claims.

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“It’s like bullying tactics, they are the bigger party, but I doubt that. The voters will tell the country who is the bigger party, so let’s not presume that they will be bigger, the test is yet to come on the 14th of December. So for me, let’s just do it in a pragmatic way for the national interest.”

Narube who claims he made an effort to unite Opposition parties back in 2018, says the result was unfortunate.