Fijian Election

MOG observes key electoral activities

November 24, 2022 11:23 am

[Photo: Supplied]

The members of the Multi National Observe Group have witnessed a number of key electoral activities since its establishment.

These include national candidates list ball draw, the commencement of ballot production, and the printing, transportation and storage of postal ballots.

The MOG has also observed refresher training courses for Presiding Officers and Assistant Presiding Officers.

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It has reviewed the communications material produced by the Fijian Elections Office and received comprehensive briefings from the FEO on electoral processes and preparations, including on their financial, logistical and technical aspects.

In a statement it says particular care has been taken in following the state of the National Voter Register and the development of voter lists for the specific polling stations.

The MOG has also continued meeting with government and election officials, political parties, media, police, regional organisations, NGOs, civil society organisations, including religious groups and human rights groups, as well as representatives from the general public in Fiji.

This week observers from the MOG were deployed to accompany non-sensitive election materials to the Lau Islands ahead of pre-polling.

The MOG Secretariat continues to support the accreditation process for observers from those countries and international organisations the Government of Fiji has invited to participate.

It says preparations continue to deploy those observers across the country, including to a selection of the most remote islands and villages, to observe and evaluate pre-polling and polling day operations and events.