Fijian Election

Leader of the past cannot come back: Bulitavu

November 26, 2022 12:50 pm

Political parties such as the People’s Alliance will never unite Fiji as they have been peddling their own agenda says FijiFirst candidate Mosese Bulitavu.

Bulitavu made the comment at the party campaign meeting at Vashist Muni School Hall in Navua.

While referring to the plans of the Social Democratic Liberal Party to bring back the Great Council of Chiefs, Bulitavu said he was with SODELPA working with the chiefs who were always fighting.

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“Forget about them uniting Fijians because they will never, Tui Cakau and Rabuka detached away from Ratu Epenisa and Ro Teimumu and moved to form another party. They are not even united as a team because they are peddling their own agendas. So we cannot have this kind of leaders. We need to put them out and this is the election that we all need to work together. Rabuka the other day said when PA will come back to form government they are looking into reducing the salary of civil servants. What a poor statement. FijiFirst didn’t ever do that during the pandemic and in their term of leadership, you must be happy about that.”

Bulitavu says that Rabuka has said that during his term as the Prime Minister, 70 percent of the civil servants were from Vanua Levu.

Bulitavu questioned the over 200 Fijians present at the Vashist Muni School Hall on how many people from Navua will be employed in the government as civil servants if Rabuka comes back into power and if he brings those kinds of policies.

He says these kinds of people cannot be allowed to come back into government and people need to think deeply about this.

He also highlighted that in the last eight years when the Economy Minister announced the budget, they were given one week to review the budget, they used to sit down together for two to three days in a workshop about economics which used to be full of theory but not practical.

“We didn’t even put together an alternate budget in those years. This only shows that we didn’t have any policies, we had nothing to offer to the nation, So forget about the lies of trying to come back and form a strong government with Rabuka. Even Rabuka while he was with SODELPA, as a leader threw the towel and jumped to another ship and that is not a sign of a good leader. We have a strong, stable leader here who stood with Fiji throughout the pandemic and gone through the recovery.”

Bulitavu says Fijians should stay united and move forward and should not allow the leaders of the past to come back.