Fijian Election

Law enforcement officers to be maintained: Narube

December 1, 2022 4:30 pm

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To address disciplinary issues in the Fiji Police Force, the Unity Fiji Party is looking at establishing a Police Services Commission.

Leader Savenaca Narube states they will not reduce the number of officers in the Force and the Fiji Military Forces.

He says training for law enforcement officers will be strengthened.

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“We’ve heard of a lot of disciplinary issues in the Force so that’s one way of dealing with it. An independent body rather than the Police Commissioner himself determining discipline could be determined by an independent body.”

Narube adds budget allocation for the Force will feature programs and some funds will be under requisition.

The former governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji says he has prepared six national budgets for Fiji and he is definite that the party’s policies will reduce government expenses and increase savings.