Fijian Election

Lami is my turf: Naulumatua

November 24, 2022 5:47 am

Social Democratic Liberal Party candidate Mere Samisoni

Social Democratic Liberal Party candidate Mere Naulumatua told residents of Nadonumai in Lami last night that her party status is now stable.

She says many party supporters must have heard or read about the conflicts happening within the party.

This, she says, has stopped, and such disagreements were happening before because different political ideologies and beliefs exist in the party.

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The businesswoman states that a majority of the members who initiated fights in SODELPA have left the party, and they are grateful.

“I know a lot of political parties have been visiting this area but I need to reiterate this and that is for you to thoroughly assess what each political party has to say or state with regard to their manifesto and I need you to pay close attention to our presentation because this is important.”

Naulumatua also highlighted that Lami is her turf, and according to her estimate, around 19,000 Fijians reside in the area.

She has encouraged eligible voters to vote on December 14th and vote for a party that would take care of their interests.