Fijian Election

I know PA’s strategy: Bainimarama

November 27, 2022 12:50 pm

Fiji First leader Voreqe Bainimarama at a rally in Qauia, Lami last night.

Fiji First leader Voreqe Bainimarama has claimed that he is aware of the strategies of the People’s Alliance party which is to win the election and to dispute the results if FijiFirst wins.

Speaking at a rally in Qauia, Lami last night, Bainimarama told those attending that there are only two main strategies of the People’s Alliance.

“I know the strategy of PAP, they only have two strategies, listen. One, they will try to win the election, the second is to take us to court if they lose. That’s their strategy. A confusing leadership by a party aiming to be in government.”

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He says Rabuka has claimed that Bainimarama has not implemented any positive developments in the country.

The FijiFirst leader believes Rabuka cannot see what is happening in the country because he is blind, has an impairment in hearing, and is too busy merrymaking and engaging in taralala or Fijian dancing at local functions and abroad.

Bainimarama says that having been in the army, he can read People’s Alliance leader Sitiveni Rabuka well.

Bainimarama made a reference to an earlier comment by Rabuka that he does not know what Bainimarama is thinking.

The former RFMF Military Commander says a tactic in the army is to know your enemy adding he knows Rabuka well and can read his mind.

“I hear that Rabuka has been saying that he wants to go with Love, one kind of love this one has. Rabuka said also I haven’t done anything. I’ve said this one must be blind and has a hearing impairment. Rabuka has been dancing too much, went to Australia, went to New Zealand.”

The FijiFirst leader also highlighted the various developments implemented by his government to the Qauia community.

According to the 2018 General Election results, Rabuka gained more votes than Bainimarama in Quaia.

Rabuka garnered 363 votes in Qauia while Bainimarama received 93 votes in the same area.