Fijian Election

FijiFirst policies not for Elections

December 1, 2022 6:40 am

[Source: FijiFirst / Facebook]

FijiFirst candidate Alvick Maharaj says they don’t make policies to win an Election.

Maharaj who is contesting the General Election under the FijiFirst party banner for the third time says the opposition political parties run on the election cycle.

While speaking at the party rally in Katonivere Ground in Labasa yesterday Maharaj claimed that although these parties will make promises, they will only keep 20% of them.

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He says such ideas are outdated and will prevent Fiji from progressing.

Maharaj says FijiFirst has a vision and they know in which direction we need to take the country.

Maharaj says their leader has a vision for Fiji.

“We want to make Fiji a modern state. This can’t be done in four years and more time is needed but during this time when the Election is conducted we abide by our principles. We don’t make policies to win elections. Our policies are not made for the Elections.”

He adds the country needs a leader who treats everyone equally.