Fijian Election

Fijians urged not to believe in lies

November 29, 2022 6:40 am

The word “Jihad” has never been used before in Fiji.

FijiFirst Candidate Alvick Maharaj claims the opposition parties have become so desperate to come into power that they are using such words.

According to Maharaj, misleading claims about Hindus in the nation are being made in an effort to racially divide Fijians.

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Maharaj has called on Fijians not to believe in lies spread by some political parties only for the sake of votes.

“They are only looking at ways to convince people just to get votes. I urge you not to think along these racial lines.”

Maharaj says he does not engage in divisive politics.

FijiFirst General Secretary Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says FijiFirst provides equal opportunities to Fijians regardless of their race and religion.

The leader of FijiFirst had previously asserted that political parties are fostering racial tension and are targeting Sayed-Khaiyum due to his racial origin, urging Fijians to be sceptical of lies.