Fijian Election

FEO monitors media coverage

September 26, 2022 4:45 pm

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The Fijian Elections Office has carried out the analysis of the coverage of the press conference which was held by the Supervisor of Elections on Sunday 25 September 2022.

In a statement, the FEO has noted that apart from FijiLive, all media outlets have covered the statements by the SoE in great detail with a high level of accuracy.

The statements by the SoE were critical and going into the general election, in light of the principles of a free and fair election, the SOE highlighted key provisions of the Electoral Act 2014 specifically on bribery, vote buying and undue influence.

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“The FEO encourages the media to continue to effectively report on key provisions of the Electoral Act as well as the principles within the electoral framework to ensure that the 2022 General Election is a free and fair election,” said Saneem.

“It is very positive to note that the media has covered the press conference extensively allowing Fijians greatest access to concise election information particularly on the provisions of the Electoral Act which builds the capacities of Fijians in differentiating between an election promise, vote buying as well as bribery and I would like to thank the media for it”, added Saneem.

The FEO will continue to carry out a similar analysis as we progress towards the 2022 General Election.