Fijian Election

FEO ensures inclusion for 2022 General Election

November 24, 2022 12:11 pm

Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem

The Fijian Elections Office continues to work closely with relevant organizations in making this Election more accessible for persons with disabilities.

Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem says a lot of programs are aligned to assist persons with disabilities.

Saneem says they are also planning to transcribe the candidate list in braille.

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“So the name and the number of each candidate will be transcribed into braille and distributed by the disability group in coordination with the SPC and FEO and that’s something very new for our Election but that’s in process.”

The SoE adds they are also ensuring that the sheds built by FEO for Election are wheelchair accessible.

Spinal Injury Association’s Disability Inclusion Officer, Nafitalai Bai says they have been collaborating with the FEO for over 68 months.

“We are just keying our issues and concerns raised by peoples with a disability, in terms of having a braille printed booklist that is available at the polling station, and we are very fortunate enough that the Fijian Elections Office has actually voiced out all of these issues and we have voiced out our issues as well.”

The Fijian Elections Office also states that they will be able to assist person with a disability who wishes to stay in their car.

This as the Presiding Officer will carry the ballot paper and the cardboard voting booth outside the polling station to cater to them.