Fijian Election

Empowering Fijians economically is paramount: Naulumatua

November 24, 2022 12:40 pm

Social Democratic Liberal Party candidate Mere Naulumatua

Social Democratic Liberal Party candidate Mere Naulumatua claims that only a minimal number of indigenous Fijians run and own businesses.

She says her strength lies in establishing and running a business.

The owner of Fiji’s Hot Bread Kitchen says many indigenous Fijians are owners of natural resources such as land, which needs to be developed.

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“We indigenous Fijians own the majority of the land in Fiji, the fishing grounds are also owned by a lot of indigenous Fijians and this means we have the resource, and the only thing we need to do is to develop it but the sad part is a lot of us are living in poverty. This should not be the case and we need to address this.”

Naulumatua says SODELPA policies will ensure that the well-being of all Fijians is well accommodated.

She adds that the 2022 General Election is an important national exercise and it is imperative for eligible voters to cast their vote.

During the political party campaign meeting with residents of Nadonumai in Lami last night, it was also highlighted that Naulumatua used $1.5 million last year to fund certain projects in the area.