Fijian Election

EDAWG works with FEO to provide necessary election materials

October 3, 2022 4:14 pm

The Election Disability Access Working Group [EDAWG] through its collaboration with the Fijian Elections Office is working to ensure a smooth democratic process for every Fijian.

Fiji Association of the Deaf office Manager, Tuliana Waibuta says the collaboration includes the formulation of election materials to ensure accessibility for those who are hard of hearing, people with vision impairment, and those with any form of disability.

Tuliana adds that this disability-inclusive approach is also taken by FEO through the provision of interpreters, braille material and other information to assist members of the disabled community.

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“There has been work that’s happening behind the scene. The FEO through the EDAWG group has organized training for persons with disability, training of trainers, and representatives from disability organizations from different OPDs. After the training than we contextualize training material to match our members and we disseminate information accordingly to our members.”

Tuliana adds that work has also been undertaken to ensure people with disability are accompanied by an assistant of their choice during Election Day.

She adds that as member of EDAWG, they will continue to work with FEO to ensure easy access to election material for persons with disability.