Fijian Election

Dirty politics used to sway votes say FijiFirst candidates

November 28, 2022 4:50 pm

FijiFirst candidates Ridhi Damodar (left), and Mosese Bulitavu.

Two FijiFirst candidates are claiming that opposition parties are using dirty politics during campaign to sway votes.

The two have switched parties for this election.

While sharing his experience, former SODELPA MP Mosese Bulitavu claimed that they campaigned along racial lines as told by their former party superiors using sensitive issues such as land and religion in past election to sway votes.

Bulitavu says voters in Labasa are smart and will not fall into the lies circulated about Jihad and Islam.

“This has been a tool or a technique used by the opposition political parties. It was used in the past – I know because I was part of it. It was used to threaten iTaukei voters against the possibility of villages turning into a Muslim community or a temple being built in the villages.”

Ridhi Damodar says such campaign tactics will create division and disrupt the harmony in our country.

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“This is desperate last attempt by Opposition to sway votes towards them. It is quite clear that they have failed to show voters that they can bring meaningful policies or they do not have a credible track record in terms of running a country.”

A number of inflammatory articles and videos about Fiji are being published on overseas blog sites, falsely claiming about Jihad in the country.

It still remains a mystery as to who is bent on bringing faith into the election campaign.