Fijian Election

Fijian Elections Office continue preparations for 2022 Election

December 15, 2021 5:40 am

Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem.

The Fijian Elections Office will continue recruitment from January 10th as it continues preparations for the 2022 General Election.

Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem, says so far they have recruited over 4,000 individuals with an aim to recruit more in the New Year.

Saneem adds that FEO is looking to hire around 11,000-15,000 people in the lead up to elections.

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He has also highlighted that they will also have COVID safety measures in place at respective polling stations.

“We will be requiring individuals who turn up to vote, to wear a mask, and we will be providing hand sanitizers at the polling places. And we will ensure that there are protocols in place to protect people from contamination and as well as from being exposed.”

Saneem has also confirmed that voting will be completely manual with the use of ballot papers and similar to the voting process in 2018 and 2014.