FIJI Water Foundation to hand-out $5k grants to 300 classrooms

June 30, 2022 4:18 pm

[Photo: Supplied]

300 classrooms in Fiji will receive up to $5,000 each for resources, enrichment activities and educational field trips through the FIJI Water Foundation’s 2022 classroom grants program.

Across the fourteen provinces in Fiji, 300 teachers will receive this grant for their classrooms.

Director of Philanthropy for the FIJI Water Foundation, Kaitlyn Yates says it is seeing students thrive through the passion and guidance of their teachers that makes them invest in such programs.

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Yates says programs as such, brings opportunities to students in and outside of the classroom.

Rabulu Sanatan Primary School teacher and a grant recipient, Surishma Lata says this will assist them in the purchase of some much needed classroom supplies and equipment.

$1.2 million in total will be awarded to these teachers across Fiji as part of this program.