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Fiji Times Editor in Chief takes witness box

May 8, 2018 12:50 am

The Fiji Times Editor in Chief Fred Wesley has taken the witness box to give evidence after the no case to answer application was over ruled by the court.

Wesley’s counsel Marc Collet chose to present evidence in court.

Fred Wesley is charged with one count of aiding and abetting and it is alleged that he aided Fiji Times Publisher Hank Arts to publish an article which was a seditious publication.

Wesley told the court he did not receive the letter from the first accused Josaia Waqabaca, had no knowledge of the letter and did not see the letter at any given time and neither did he authorize for the letter to be printed in the ITaukei edition Nai Lalakai paper.

He told the court that he first found out about the letter when he was arrested and taken in for questioning by the police – weeks after the letter was published.

Wesley’s counsel Collet said the prosecution had assumed the editor of the Nai Lalakai had prepared a draft which was submitted to Wesley to check before it was printed but this was not the case.

Wesley also stated four different newspapers which are The Fiji Times, Shanti Dutt, Nai Lalakai and The Sunday Times – are printed under the Fiji Times umbrella.

He also stated each editor from the different section of the newspaper is responsible for the content which is printed.

Meanwhile, Writer Josaia Waqabaca will be exercising his right to remain silent, Nai Lalakai Editor Anare Ravula will neither give evidence nor call witness and Fiji Times Publisher Hank Arts will be calling two witnesses.

The trial continues at the Suva High Court today.