Fiji Pine debunks FLP lies

May 20, 2022 12:50 pm

[Source: Fiji Pine]

Fiji Pine Limited has expressed concern that Fiji Labour Party Leader Mahendra Chaudhry continues to spread lies about the Pine industry at his political rallies.

The company has renewed its calls for Chaudhry to desist from spreading misinformation after he claimed at a rally this week that the overall living standards of the iTaukei community are deteriorating.

He also claimed that Fiji Pine’s profits are due to the discontinuation of the pine replanting programme.

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“They stopped replanting. From 2012, no replanting has taken place. The money they saved there went into profits and that’s what they distributed. No new trees have come up, we just cut. Just to show a profit we don’t spend money on replanting and that’s the wrong thing to do.”

[Source: Fiji Pine]

Fiji Pine says this statement is false and a lie, adding that Chaudhry continues to spread lies even after the company put out the facts earlier this month.

The Pine Group says it consults with landowners regularly and has their best interests at the forefront, and no amount of misinformation will move these resource owners.

It adds that the Pine Group came out of bankruptcy through reforms in 2011, and has been transformed into a model company in which resource owners have a stake.

[Source: Fiji Pine]

Since 2011, there has been a major focus on forest sustainability, and the company has planted more than 19,000 hectares.

Fiji Pine also confirms a record 4,236 hectares were replanted in 2021, with a target of 7,200 hectares for this year.

The company says pine planting was neglected prior to 2011, arising out of mismanagement and abuse, and the effects are being felt by the current team because it takes 20 years for pine trees to mature.

However, the pine industry is delivering record financial results with record returns to landowners.

According to Fiji Pine, 2022 is a challenging year due to prolonged adverse weather, but replanting operations continue.

Chaudhry has responded to questions from FBC News saying Fiji Pine is not telling the truth and it’s visible that programmed replanting is not taking place.

He adds statistics will bear this out.