Fiji continues to set the benchmark

August 11, 2022 4:00 pm

[Photo: Supplied]

Fiji continues to set a benchmark for many regional countries using the Risk Informed Development approach through the United Nations Program Governance for Resilience project to benefit rural communities.

Deputy Chief Executive of Tongan Prime Minister’s Office Ma’u Leha visited Fiji under the program last week and stated that she has learned in-depth strategies about risk-informed development.

She says members of the delegation from various Pacific countries managed to benchmark against Fiji’s systems and processes, ensuring the integration of resilience at every development in their respective countries.

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“It’s a totally different experience to come and see how Fiji integrates risks into development. They said you do it once, you do it right it saves you cost in the future.”

The Director of the Department of Local Authorities in Vanuatu, Leith Veremaito has praised the resilience of Fijians, particularly the measures the government implements to mitigate the impacts of climate change and the pandemic.

“It’s been two days learning in Fiji. Of course, coming out again and coming to the field to see what’s been done in practice has been useful. And going back, for us we haven’t started it but we will now be starting from this month to build on the experiences we have learned in Fiji.”

Infrastructure Minister, Jone Usamate says the government through the Rural and Maritime Development Ministry has been working closely with UNDP to ensure resilience is at the heart of all projects in our country.

He adds the UNDP Gov4Res team supported the formulation of the Ministry’s 1-year Resilient Strategic Development Plan, which sets our development priorities toward creating resilient rural communities.