Budget 2020-21

Budget lays foundation for Fijians to have a better life: Nagata

July 29, 2020 5:11 am

Government MP Alipate Nagata

The new budget is well thought and will address the crisis currently faced by the economy.

Government MP Alipate Nagata says the budget lays the foundation for all Fijians to have a better life and assist them through the crisis.

As the Assistant Minister for Youth and Sports, Nagata acknowledged the allocation of $11.8 million for the ministry.

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“The 2020/21 National budget has again included new initiatives and areas that the allocation will be utilized to further its work and fulfil its mandated duties.”

The budget allocation will assist the ministry on its initiatives that is focused on supporting community-based capacity building, promoting youth leadership and promoting the development of sports at all level.