Budget 2020-21

Budget did nothing for workers in the informal sector: Kepa

July 28, 2020 5:30 am

Opposition Member Ro Teimumu Kepa [right] during the Budget debate break

Opposition Member Ro Teimumu Kepa claims the 2020-21 national budget did not offer anything for workers in the informal sector.

In her address to Parliament, Kepa says Fiji is in dire straits economically.

She adds that many people are suffering during this time and the Government is showing little remorse to those affected.

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The MP says there is evidence that many Fijians are in despair, feeling abandoned -with everyday being a struggle.

“Shashi Kiran, the Chief executive of the Foundation for Rural Integrated Enterprises and Developments said recently that informal sector workers who relied on Tourism had no income and no safety net. The budget offered them nothing. Mrs. Kiran met with a young single mother who had not eaten for 4 days. She had however managed to scrape together enough food for her little daughter. Her situation had worsened when she lost her job as a sales girl in a small shop. The job had paid her only between $70 – $80 a week.”

Ro Teimumu Kepa also highlighted the reduction in the Education Ministry’s budget.

“The Ministry has been advised of a further 20% decrease which teachers now believe the Ministry of Education is seriously jeopardizing and compromising the quality of education. With the free education grant being the engine for all schools and these further reductions and funding is hampered by the no fundraising policy so it’s a real catch 22 situation.”

The MP says the service delivery of teachers is important during this time.