Fiji Airways A330 plane damaged

May 18, 2015 5:30 am

An accident that caused substantial damage to a new Fiji airways A330 plane over the weekend will continue to disrupt international flights until further notice.

FBC news sources say an ATS loader on Saturday night backed into the cargo section of an A330 aircraft like this one. The full flight was ready to take off to Los Angeles.

Due to the substantial damage the flight was cancelled with all 273 passengers offloaded and put on another plane bound for Los Angeles the next day.

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It’s believed the damaged aircraft, which is reported to be in pretty bad shape, requires extensive repairs to its cargo section. The report from ATS in regard to what exactly happened to the LA flight has yet to be submitted.

ATS confirmed a few moments ago that a preliminary report will be handed to Fiji Airways by 11.30 tomorrow morning.

FBC News sources say it is likely the A330 aircraft will be sent overseas for extensive repairs.

A notice on the airline’s website says: As a knock-on effect of undertaking, unscheduled maintenance work on an A330 aircraft, Fiji Airways passengers may experience flight delays this week.

This is peak time for air travel and the accident continues top cause huge disruptions and inconvenience.