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Fiery debate between Rabuka and Bainimarama

November 5, 2018 4:07 am

Social Democratic Liberal Party Leader Sitiveni Rabuka today revealed that they could work with FijiFirst post-election.

Speaking after the talk back show “Na Vakekeli” on Radio Fiji One, Rabuka says this is the party’s new approach.

“But it’s not new in relation to the ideas, the development aims, we are all for development, it’s just the way of doing it, so he can come and join and be my junior partner in my part, in my government.”

However FijiFirst Leader Voreqe Bainimarama says he can never work with Rabuka or SODELPA.

“No, no I don’t have time for SODELPA, look at their policies, their policy is discrimination. I can’t work with people like that.”

Bainimarama says that Rabuka keeps avoiding several issues that was put to him.

He says that Rabuka is a snake and is not telling the truth about what transpired in the 1987 coup and because of him half of the population were beaten.

“Most of them left this country because of this fella, he’s not telling us the truth and if you listened to what he said over the many weeks past, his interviews that has not changed, so we better beware of this fella here.”

Rabuka says that he is ready to move forward.

“I accept his personal views, he’s been hurt and I accept that he’s been hurt and I’ve gotten rid of my hurt and I’m moving forward.”

Meanwhile, the debate between the two leaders started on an easy note, however got fiery towards the end.

Both leaders touched on the topic of National Minimum Wage, the name Fijian, Land Bank and also took questions from the public.

More than 6, 000 people were tuned in via facebook to watch the debate live with more than 50, 000 views.

The debate started with an easy note, however got fiery towards the end.