FHRADC calls for investigation into sexual assault video

August 11, 2022 12:40 pm

FHRADC Director, Ashwin Raj.

The Fiji Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission is calling for an independent investigation of a video of alleged sexual assault that has been widely circulated.

The video shows two men holding the victim down while another is seen performing sexual acts.

All this while a third person is filming the act.

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The victim is heard crying for help.

Commission Director, Ashwin Raj says he is apprehensive about the circulation of the video because it has the effect of glorifying sexual violence.

“So I hope that people do the right thing and we identify who are the individuals involved. We need to see whether the person who appears to be the victim of sexual violence has received medical attention and whether our authorities are going to fully investigate this matter.”

Raj says it is still premature to make any further comments on the matter until there is an update from authorities on what has transpired.

The Police Force had earlier stated that its Criminal Investigation Department will be launching the investigation into the video.

Police are still trying to get more information on the matter.