FHEC to set up more Higher Education Institutions

August 4, 2022 9:40 am

The Fiji Higher Education Commission Director Dr.Rohit Kishore

The Fiji Higher Education Commission is working with relevant industries that wish to set up their own institutions.

Director Dr.Rohit Kishore says this is part of their transformation as one of the many outcomes of the FHEC Forum this year.

Dr.Kishore says the recent establishment is the Fiji Police Academy, which is now being recognized by the Commission as a Higher Education Institution and they are currently working on establishing the Vatukoula Goldmine Technical Institution.

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“I’m sure many more will be coming in this way so it is really developing industry based higher institution specifically to train and educate their new recruits exactly what they want on the skills to have.”

Dr.Kishore says they are also working on an institution to specialize in cooking, which will be set up in Savusavu.

The Commission will first ensure to register the institutions before it provides the curriculum that best suit it, which will help the industry to grow.