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FEO refutes claims by opposition parties that allege breach

November 17, 2018 6:35 pm

The Fijian Elections Office has refuted claims made by four political parties that there was a breach of the procedures at the National Results Centre.

The four political parties, namely the Fiji Labour Party, National Federation Party, Social Democratic Liberal Party and Unity Fiji allege that the FEO breached procedures when results on the FEO App were updated before Party Agents were able to verify the respective results from the updated polling stations.

FLP Leader, Mahendra Chandhry says their agents were forced to work the batches of results in 70s and 100s at any one given time while the results were already announced.

“The Act is very clear that Protocol of Results received from each Polling Station must be given to the Political Parties for them to verify this against the results which are posted by the FEO on their national results tally, now this has not been done.”

However, Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem says this is no longer the case.

“There is no law that requires the Supervisor of Elections to do what they’re claiming, I will distribute to you, the copy of sections 106 to 109 which is in relation to results.”

In spite of this, the SOE last night ceased the data entry of results to allow party agents to be able to catch up and verify the results that they had yet to get through.

Nonethelss NFP Leader Professor Biman Prasad has called on the FEO to enable all results to be manually verified.

“If they want the people of this country to believe that the election was credible, free and fair and the final results reflect the will of the people then they need to go back and ensure that every result, every protocol is verified by the political party agents.”

The four political parties also claimed serious discrepancies in their records in comparison to those already released on the FEO App.

A claim, the SOE proved otherwise.

“I want to urge parties not to play around with Elections. It is very very important that you say the truth, be honest. We have evidence properly justified signed by agents and staff, nothing is been hidden, this was Pink slip put up at the Count Centre and look what has happened, the records of the party are extremely incorrect.”

Meanwhile, overnight, the update of the final results for the 2018 General Election resumed and currently there are only 273 Polling Stations remaining to complete the data entry.