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FEO receives complaints during blackout period

November 12, 2018 6:39 pm

Numerous reports have been received by the Fijian Elections Office of people violating the 48-hour campaign blackout period that is currently in place.

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem says the reports include vehicles being driven around with campaign materials like stickers and banners still on them.

Other reports are of political banners hanging on walls and fences of some properties.
The public were given until last night to remove all campaign materials that are still evident in their homes and vehicles or face the brunt of the law.

” All banners and stickers or stickers taken out of cars in case your cares still have stickers of political candidates. We will be referring matters to FICAC if we come across any person that has not removed it by this afternoon. “

The Supervisor of Elections stressed the two day black-out is to enable voters to decide on their votes without undue pressure.

" We will be referring this matters to FICAC. We just try to facilitate people from removing it and it’s very important that people adhere to the blackout rules and they remove all stickers particularly from their cars."

Media Industry Development Authority Chair, Ashwin Raj is also concerned with fake news being published on social media during the blackout period.

" There’s so much fake news and people are beginning to find it really difficult to tell the difference between fake and real news so all the more reason to have something like the blackout period so please ensure there’s full compliance of the law."

The public is advised to report about those violating the blackout period to the Elections Office so swift action can be taken.