FCS opens Bio-Gas Plant

December 1, 2022 9:50 am

The Fiji Corrections Service has opened a new bio-gas plant at its Naboro Prison Complex.

Commissioner, Francis Kean says this initiative plays a key role in their rehabilitation programme to provide appropriate business skill sets to inmates.

“We also got our business units, our six business units down at the Southern Division; joinery, piggery, poultry, tailoring and farming. So, this is part of some of the skill sets that we teach those under our care. Basically, we’re teaching them how to fish. So, when they leave our care – they go out there and live sustainable lives.”

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Kean says this encourages inmates to become entrepreneurs once they have been discharged.

He says the success rate of inmates undergoing the process is commendable, and the Small Business Units have evolved over time.

The bio-gas plant will not only serve as a renewable energy source but also help prevent wastewater from entering and polluting nearby waterways.