FCCC expresses disappointment with taxi fare submission

November 25, 2022 5:35 am

The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission is disappointed that very few have submitted requests for a proposed taxi fare increase.

The Commission started calling for submissions in July this year.

Chief Executive Joel Abraham says they are in the process of undertaking a comprehensive review of the current interim maximum taxi fare to release a final authorization.

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“We had called for transparency, we had asked for taxi proprietors and owners to provide submissions, unfortunately out of the 7000 taxi owners out there or taxis that are out there, we have only received less than 20 submissions and that is quite concerning. We have raised the issue with the Fiji Taxi Association as well. “

Abraham stresses the final authorization will depend on the number of submissions they receive.

“For anybody that is in the industry that’s asking questions as to when the final authorization will be issued or when we will complete this exercise, we will complete this exercise when we have received sufficient data from them and they need to provide that data to enable FCCC to scrutinize the cost that is there .”

The Fiji Taxi Association also raised concerns on this matter saying operators are not giving enough submissions to the FCCC or Fiji Taxi Association.