Sisters sharing bus cards

June 30, 2022 5:55 am

The Ministry of Education says the two primary school students in a video walking for hours along a highway in Lautoka were sharing a bus card.

In the video circulated on social media, a man and a woman had approached the sisters.

When asked on why they were walking, the students said the bus driver did not allow them to board as they had an issue with their card.

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In her response to questions sent by FBC News yesterday, Minister Premila Kumar says they carried out an investigation and found that there were no funds in the card.

Kumar says one of the students had lost her card, hence the reason they were sharing a card.

She adds this student has lost her card five times and got it replaced but she did not ask for a replacement this time around.

Kumar says any lost card is replaced immediately as it was done previously for this student.

At the same time, the Ministry urges bus companies and drivers to exercise a compassionate approach in such unforeseen circumstances.

Meanwhile Fiji Bus Operators Association General Secretary Rohit Latchan this evening told FBC News that they will be meeting with the Ministry of Education and the Land Transport Authority tomorrow to discuss the issue.