FBC’s radio stations continues to evolve: Lochan

February 13, 2021 4:30 pm

FBC’s Manager Radio Programs Shammi Lochan Lal.

In an age where information sharing is critical, the Fijian Broadcasting Corporation’s six radio stations are seeking various ways to engage its listeners.

FBC’s Manager Radio Programs Shammi Lochan Lal says their six radio stations continues to change and evolve over the years with each station targeting a specific demographic.

In celebration of World Radio Day, Lochan says FBC’s six radio station has been at the forefront bringing the latest news to Fijians including times of natural disasters.

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“So we changed the whole pattern of radio and we started interacting with our listeners from morning until evening.”

Lochan adds radio is an important part of people’s lives as it provides them good company even in tough times.

She says they are also engaging listeners through their social media page to ensure they are also part of their radio programs.