FBC once again clarifies PSB fee

March 24, 2021 5:50 am

The Fijian Broadcasting Corporation Chief Executive has once again clarified that the money paid to the company by the Government under the public service broadcasting contract is a service fee and not a grant.

Following the adoption of the International Financing Reporting Standard by the company, the Government paid FBC, service fees for educational and cultural programs, and for AM stations to reach all Fijians especially those in remote areas.

FBC’s Chief Executive Riyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says the company had adopted the IFRS in 2016 to reflect the true nature of the PSB money as a fee.

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“It was never a grant, it was always a fee. The government of Fiji always gave money to the Fijian Broadcasting Corporation for providing certain services.”

Meanwhile, some opposition members including Aseri Radrodro highlighted issues of misstatements and noted in the report that was presented in Parliament yesterday.

Despite the FBC’s repeated explanation about the nature of the fees, some Opposition MPs are insisting on wrongfully referring to it as a grant.

“Government has been providing FBC annual grants from the budget estimates to provide TV services.”

The FBC CEO says he has explained the matter being raised by the Opposition on numerous occasions.

“It’s like talking to little children. I have explained this over and over again not only to Fijians at large through the media but also to the Parliamentary Economic Committee in which members of the Opposition who today made noises about this were there.”

The Fijian Broadcasting Corporation is among a few State-Owned Entities commended by the government for continuing to make progress and turning losses into profits over the years.