Fijian chosen as Royal pallbearer

September 12, 2022 4:30 pm

[Photo: Supplied]

The father of a Fijian soldier serving in the British Army says he is proud of his son, who is one of few to be chosen as a pallbearer for the late Queen Elizabeth II.

This morning’s photos of young Fijian lad Peni Vuiyale were posted on the British Royal Facebook page and by multiple news agencies, showing him and others carrying the casket of Her Majesty the late Queen.

Vuiyale’s dad, Semi Tubuna, says his son informed him about his role just hours after the Queen’s passing.

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Tubuna says his son is not only making his family proud but also his country.

“I was so happy and excited to find out that he was chosen to be a pallbearer. I’m touched that he is not only doing his family proud but his country. What’s amazing about this is the fact there are thousands of soldiers and he is one of a handful to be selected.”

The Rewa lad is only 21 and into his fourth year of service with the British Army.

Tubuna says this duty bestowed on his son is similar to the one his family has as tradition for anyone from the Chiefly family in Rewa.

The Rewa High Chief, Ro Teimumu Kepa, also posted that she is glad to see the young Fijian lad from her province participating as a pallbearer.

Ro Teimumu says Vuiyale may have not been fully aware of how Fiji cherished the late monarch but scenes of him performing gave closure to many Fijians watching back home.

She says Vuiyale is doing Fiji proud.