Family optimistic of reuniting with Vadei

September 23, 2022 6:00 am

Photographed above is the missing teenager, Peniana Vadei. [File Photo]

The family of a missing teenager, Peniana Vadei are hoping to reunite with her soon.

The 18-year-old mysteriously disappeared during a family picnic trip at the Maui Bay Jetty in Sigatoka on Constitution Day, two weeks ago.

Vadei’s mother, Taina Rokobuli says after playing volleyball at the popular picnic spot, she went for a walk and was never seen again.

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“We all have been coping in our different ways, but as for me, the impact is on me because I came with her on that day and I think the support from the public, the well wishes from everyone, it literally lifts a burden from me.”

Taina Rokobuli at Maui Bay yesterday. 

Qica Puamau who has been operating his food stall at Maui Bay for over three years says this is the first time for such an incident to happen in the area.

“On that day, it was high tide and there were a lot of people here on picnic. I saw a group of people playing volleyball and heard later that Peniana was among them.”

Rokobuli says Sigatoka Police have been constantly updating the family on the case.

She adds police have requested Vadei’s phone to assist with the investigation.