Families awaiting visa to attend funeral for Christchurch victims

March 18, 2019 5:04 pm

Ashraf Razak Ali’s elder sister Tamina Bibi [left] and Ashraf Ali’s elder brother Shabeer Ali

Family members of two of the three Fijian nationals killed in the Christchurch massacre are still waiting for their visa to travel to New Zealand.

Friday’s terror attack saw the deaths of 58-year-old Ashraf Razak Ali, 59-year-old Imam Haji Hafiz Musa Patel, and 61-year-old Ashraf Ali.

Patel’s family is already in New Zealand.

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Until yesterday, 61-year-old Ashraf Ali’s family didn’t know his whereabouts.

He migrated to New Zealand 17 years ago and was a regular worshipper at the Masjid Al Noor on Deans Avenue in Christchurch.

After two days of sleepless nights, his brother Shabeer Ali finally found out yesterday that his elder brother had been killed.

“My brother’s body was discovered from the mosque yesterday afternoon and it has been taken to the hospital. My daughter, sister and I are now arranging travel documents to travel to NZ as soon as possible.”

The sister of 58-year-old Ashraf Razak Ali, Tamina Bibi is also awaiting her visa.

Ali, known as Babu to his friends and community, had gone to New Zealand a week prior to the shooting.

“His body hasn’t been released yet. I spoke to my family in New Zealand they are still waiting for the body to be released. I am also waiting for my visa.”

Meanwhile, the South Auckland Muslim Association confirms the funeral of the third victim, Pesh Imam of the Lautoka Mosque Haji Hafiz Musa Patel, will be held in Auckland New Zealand.

Authorities in New Zealand hope to release all the bodies by tomorrow.