Evacuation centres activated in upper Lau group

February 19, 2016 4:51 am

Two teams have been assigned in the Southern Lau Group to work night and day shifts beginning this afternoon as Tropical Cyclone Winston approaches the Fiji Group.

Lakeba Police officer in charge Sergeant Waisale Tomu says all evacuation centres in the Southern Lau Group have been activated to shelter those that will be affected.

He says the evacuation centres include schools and village halls from Ono-I-Lau to Nayau and Vanuavatu.

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Police officers are also on standby in all eight villages.

Residents have been advised to store enough water, cut big trees, tie livestock and move boats inland.

Sergeant Tomu is also advising residents that are currently experiencing strong winds to start moving to evacuation centres while it’s still daylight.

He says while there has been a slight drizzle and sunshine, wind speeds have picked up speed.