EU ready to offer aid in case of food crises

May 2, 2022 6:50 am

EU Ambassador to the Pacific Sujiro Seam. [File Photo]

The European Union says it is ready to assist if the rising cost of living leads to a humanitarian crisis.

EU Ambassador to the Pacific Sujiro Seam, says the European Union is fully aware that its sanctions against Russia are having an effect in other parts of the world.

He says shipping restrictions on Russian vessels will lead to increasing freight costs, which in turn will also raise prices for food, raw materials, and other commodities.

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Seam adds that if the EU’s actions have a detrimental impact on Fiji and the Pacific, they will help.

“If there are humanitarian crises, the European Union is fully prepared to address it and commit funds for food crisis for example for other forms of support for countries which are most affected in terms of macro-economic support for example.”

Increasing fuel prices, freight costs, and other imports are already affecting the cost of living in Fiji.

Most of these are the result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.