EOI soon for Phase 1 of Nabouwalu Town

June 30, 2022 10:42 am

Government will soon be calling for expressions of interest for Phase One of the development of the Nabouwalu Township.

Minister for Trade Faiyaz Koya says the tender will be put out in 10 days time and it will take approximately two months before works can take place on the ground.

Koya says the first phase development will involve the area close to the wharf where the new market, bus station and police station will be built.

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“Many factors have to be considered – climate change, accessibility to infrastructure, plans that exist with respect to infrastructure in terms of road, water, electricity, how do we do all that.”

Koya adds, the development work will see the people of Nabouwalu provided with quality, high-end services including having necessary digital infrastructure, proper water infrastructure, proper road and underground laying of electricity cables.

He says this is an important project and it has to be done properly so they have to tick all the boxes before any bulldozers go on the ground.

“The infrastructure works may end up taking a long time but our concern right now is making sure that we’ve tick all the boxes with the right plan. Our main restraint would be at the end of the day the Ministry of Economy would ensure they dedicate a particular budget to it and let us know how much we can get and how much we can do.”

Koya adds, there will be three phases of development and it will take over two years to complete.

The new Nabouwalu Township plan covers a total area of 5.135 hectares.