Employers reminded about worker’s contribution

June 27, 2022 1:00 pm

[File Photo]

The Fiji National Provident Fund will continue to work with employers who are finding it difficult to meet the monthly worker’s contribution.

General Manager Member Services, Alipate Waqairawai says they understand that many businesses might still be recovering from the pandemic, and they need to be forthcoming in order for them to reach an amicable solution.

Waqairawai says the current approach for the Fund is to be proactive, however, they can still come down hard on employers who are not meeting the monthly contributions.

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“In some cases, if we need to we will put departure prohibition orders or we will put garnishee orders that are allowed for in our Acts but we prefer to follow the calmer sort of approach, the mature approach with our employers.”

Waqairaiwai also says a number of business owners have even visited the FNPF office to have a discussion on the issue.

The FNPF had mentioned that they have seen an increase in monthly contributions since the reopening of borders.

Pre COVID, they were receiving about $50-$55 million in workers’ contributions but when the pandemic struck and this reduced drastically.

The Fund says the contribution is again picking up hitting $27-$30 million.