Emphasis placed on sanitation and hygiene in school

September 19, 2022 4:10 pm

Education Minister, Premila Kumar while commissioning the project

More focus is now being placed on school-based water, sanitation, and hygiene to fight the spread of infectious diseases.

The Education Ministry together with UNICEF and the Australian High Commission today commissioned the new ablution block at Bhawani Dayal Primary School under the WASH program.

The ablution block worth over $60,000 was constructed with assistance from UNICEF and the Australian High Commission.

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Head of School, Rohit Chand says a survey on the areas of concern in the school had revealed that they were not meeting the student toilet ratio based on the WASH Approach Guide.

Chand adds around 140 male students shared just one pan during recess and lunch and had to wait for their turns in a long line while around 150 female students were sharing three pan washrooms.

He says they prepared a project proposal which was handed to the Asset Monitoring Unit at the Economy Ministry.

Education Minister, Premila Kumar while commissioning the project highlighted infrastructure has a significant impact on students.

“The wash program provides funding to selected schools to help them improve access to water sanitation and hygiene and promote a safe and secure learning environment. To date 31 schools have benefited from this program.”

The school has a roll of 920 students.