EIA yet to be conducted on new naval base

May 10, 2022 4:40 am

Minister for Environment Doctor Mahendra Reddy. [Source: Parliament of Fiji]

There is a rigorous process that investors will need to undergo before any Environmental Impact Assessment is finalized.

Minister for Environment Doctor Mahendra Reddy says this process has not been carried out for the proposed naval base in Lami, as the land has not been acquired yet.

“They then apply for a screening application, and the department of environment determines if there is a need for an EIA. If there is a need, then attempts of reference are drafted and given to the investor. The investor then hires an EIA consultant to undertake an EIA. Mr. Speaker, in this case, they haven’t even acquired the land. “

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The proposed new base will be funded by the Australian government under a partnership between the defence forces of the two countries.