Reading encouraged in all schools

October 6, 2022 5:13 am

The Minister for Education Premila Kumar at Samabula Primary School [Source: twitter]

The Minister for Education Premila Kumar officiated the online educational resources and learning materials for the read-to-life Fiji program at Samabula Primary School.

Kumar says the 250 books provided by the Fiji Water Foundation and Vision Fiji to each of the 736 primary schools since 2015 have been assisting a lot of students and teachers over the years.

The Minister is calling on all Heads of Schools around the country to support this initiative and ensure books are available in classrooms for students.

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“I will make sure that as part of our library services reform that is currently taking place at the Ministry, we will make that as a KPI for the Director of Library Services to ensure that these books are in each and every classroom.”

Kumar says any Head of School can order more books and resources through the grant money received.

“Students must complete those hundreds of exercises at every level to help them become more proficient in English while enjoying the experience of reading good quality books.”

The Minister also welcomes such cooperation from organizations supporting the Ministry’s programs to help English proficiency levels in schools around the country.