New concrete access road benefits students

August 7, 2022 11:30 am

[Source: Supplied]

Students of Tailevu’s ColoiNaivakacere District School will no longer have to wade through mud on their way to school on rainy days.

This follows the construction of a 300-metre concrete access road funded by the government through the Rural and Maritime Development Ministry and the United Nations Development Program, using the Risk Informed Development strategy.

Head Teacher, Pauliasi Taura says the new concrete access road will ensure the safety of the students and improve accessibility.

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“Before this access road. But now, they’re enjoying every day, the students just like to come to school every day because of this new access road to the school.”

School Teacher, Rusila Qerawaqa says wading through mud walkways was very dangerous when there is a heavy downpour. Most times when this happens, then it affects the attendance of the children.

Qerawaqa adds that despite the challenges encountered, she will cherish the learnings and experiences gained during her time of service at the school.

“There was an incident, early in the morning I had to work down to try and cross the river to go to Nausori and it was slippery. And on the bend that you’ve just walked up today, I remember my husband had to piggyback me, so I did not fall and dirty my clothes – so I can safely travel to Nausori.”

School Head Girl, Vaviola Radinivuna, says it was an eyesore to see small children being carried by their parents to school, especially during wet weather.

The school is located in the interior of Tailevu and students are from the villages of Vatukarasa, Natavea, and Coloi in Naitasiri.

The government spent $27,582 while the donor agency gave $16,603 to construct this concrete access road.