New computer lab for Marist Convent Primary School

November 26, 2022 12:10 pm

PTFA President Joe Rodan opening the new computer lab for Marist Convent Primary School.

Over 200 students of Marist Convent Primary School will benefit from a new computer lab.

The school community officially opened the facility today together with the new head teachers’ office during its fun day.

Parent Teachers Friends Association President Joe Rodan says the IT facility which includes 17 computers and the extension of the school library and new office were funded solely by the school community including the old scholars which was an investment of close to $60,000.

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“We have a lab that has about 17 computers, fully air-conditioned, wifi, everything state of the art so we’ve tried to make it beneficial and as helpful as possible for the kids in terms of support towards their learning. As you the way our world and our country is going everything is technology driven so having access to this we believe it will be a good opportunity for them to develop their skills and improve themselves academically.”

Year 7 student Agnes Matanisiga says she and her peers are excited about the new computer lab.

Previously, she says students had to seek information on research for their school projects from parents and guardians.

“This is really a big achievement for our school and from what I’ve experienced throughout my primary school years this is like been a really big change and to us, Marist convent students it’s like a game changer because we’re really excited for our studies in the lab and we can’t wait to do our research on our computers.”

The event was attended by students, families, teachers, and members of the school board where the leaders of the Marist Sisters officiated.